It’s a new era at the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Ottawa and we invite you to be part of it. The simple truth is that you, like all of our members, make significant contributions as a signatory contractor but you are not taking advantage of an entire range of programs, services and benefits available at your fingertips. That’s where ECA Ottawa comes in.  Become part of ECA Ottawa’s membership and have a voice in our industry’s future.
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As one of 11 area associations, ECA Ottawa speaks on behalf of its members on issues regarding electrical contracting legislation, health and safety policies, and construction legislation. We also lobby on behalf of our members to make changes in the industry, representing the best interests of our membership at both a regional and a provincial level.

Become an active part of ECA Ottawa’s nearly 100 unionized electrical contractors who operate in the greater Ottawa area.  A voice for your industry and a presence in your community.