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ECA OTTAWA'S 57th Annual General Meeting

Thank You For Attending
ECA Ottawa’s 57th Annual General Meeting
APRIL 12, 2021

 ECA Ottawa’s first in-person event was a huge success. Our 57th Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, APril 12, 2022 at Lago’s Bar & Grill, upstairs in the Vista Room, at Dow’s Lake Pavilion. More than 50 members enjoyed a reception, catching up with old friends the sat down for a wonderful dinner.  President Stacy Anderson welcomed everyone and hosted reports from all of our committees. Mr. Anderson also played messages to our members from Mayor Jim Watson and Minister of Labour, Monte McNaughton.

ECA Ottawa was very pleased to welcome guest speakers, Andrew Balfour, Managing Partner and Aaron Gairdner, Vice President atat Rubicon Strategies who provided an excellent overview of their lobbying efferts. Rubicon has been highly effective in getting the ECA’s in front of Federal Ministers, the provincial Premier and his Ministers and regional governemnts such as the City of Ottawa. We thank them for attending our AGM.

Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to opening up our 2022 Golf Tournament on July 19 and our Annual Christmas Gala December 2, 2022.

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