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TeksMed Webinar – MaY 31

If you have ANY type of WSIB issue, TeksMed is there for you as a free service to all ECA members. TeksMed Services Inc. is the leader in Canadian disability management backed by over 25 years of success. TeksMed proactively manages occupational and non-occupational injuries and illnesses with personalized recover-at-work solutions helping hundreds of employers with thousands of employees. Helping employees recover and return to work faster,

TeksMed reduces lost time and claim costs, resulting in significant savings for employers. Inspired by a never-ending quest to be the best, TeksMed continues to set the standard and raise the bar for integrity, innovation and exceptional service. TeksMed seeing the ability in disability. Employers benefit from healthy, productive employees and lower claims costs. Everyone wins. TeksMed reduces wage loss and claims costs by helping ill and injured employees maximize their work potential. They focus on ability, not disability; provide fast, world-class health care; and help employees return to work safely and quickly.

If you have a WSIB claim, contact Tanya George, Client Care Team Manager at 877.850.1021 or emal

Join us for free information session on  Thursday, May 31, 2022 at 11:00am.

TeksMed WSIB Webinar Registration – May 31, 2022