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Travel Restrictions Imposed

Monday April 19th, 2021 – Premier Ford announced late Friday that non-essential construction will be shut down effective Monday April 19th until at least May 20th. Checkpoints will also be set up at the Ontario-Québec border to restrict land travel with exceptions for essential travel only. Construction workers who live in Gatineau and western Québec and working on an essential construction project in eastern Ontario will be allowed to travel into Ontario. Traveler’s who are coming into Ontario for purposes other than work, medical care, transportation of goods will be turned back at the border. Police will have the authority to ask anyone outside their residence to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address. That includes stopping vehicles and potentially issuing tickets of approximately $750. Ontario Regulation 293/21 detailing the above interprovincial travel rules is accessible at this LINK. See the ECA Ottawa Covid – 19 webpage for a sample cross-border letter.