The Electrical Contractors’ Association of Ottawa (ECA Ottawa) is the voice of the electrical industry on all matters pertaining to the greater Ottawa area. It is a not-for-profit organization that represents approximately 100 unionized electrical contractors in the greater Ottawa area.

As one of 11 area associations that make up the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Ontario (ECAO), ECA Ottawa speaks on behalf of its members on issues regarding electrical contracting legislation, health and safety policies, and construction legislation. It is the mission of ECA Ottawa to serve, promote, and improve the electrical contracting industry on behalf of its members in the greater Ottawa area.


ECA Ottawa and the IBEW have agreed to the development of a new program focus on contracts with no more than 4 employees to a maximum 1300 hours. Under this agreement, contractors can ask techs to 40 hour work week (five 8 hour days, Monday – Friday). There is a ‘Notification Form‘ that must be sent to the IBEW prior to the commencement of work. Contact the ECA Ottawa office if you have any questions about this new agreement.