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Principal Agreement 2019-2022 – Searchable

The Electrical Contractors Association of Ottawa and the IBEW Local 586 have agreed to the following terms for 2019-2022. Please find below the highlights of the negotiations which came
into effect May 1, 2019.

  • Sunset clause. The agreement expires in 3 years and any clauses changed will revert back
    to the 2016-2019 rate unless agreed upon during the next negotiations.
  • Increase in the Foreman rate to 15% and General Foreman rate to 25%. Sub Foreman remains at 6%. See new Wage Rates available from ECA Ottawa.
  • Parking allowance increases by $1 each year for 3 years. $16 dollars effective May 1, 2019, $17 effective May 1, 2020 and $18 effective May1, 2021.
  • Employees are entitled to 2 days bereavement leave with pay. ‘Immediate family’ is defined as father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, child of the employee, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandparents, and relative permanently residing in the employee’s household or with whom the employee permanently resides.
  • Journeyperson to apprentice ratios are as follows:
      1. for the first journeyperson, one apprentice;
      2. for the second journeyperson, an additional apprentice;
      3. for the third journeyperson, an additional apprentice;
      4. for the fourth journeyperson, an additional apprentice;
      5. for the fifth journeyperson, an additional apprentice;
      6. for the next two additional journeypersons, an additional apprentice;
      7. for every two additional journeypersons thereafter until 20 journeypersons are employed, an additional apprentice;
      8. for the next three additional journeypersons after 20 journeypersons are employed,  an additional apprentice;
      9. for every three additional journeypersons thereafter, an additional apprentice.
  • Minor Construction Project Agreement – Defined as no more than 4 employees to a maximum of 1300 hours. There is now the option to work a 40-hour work week (five 8 hour days, Monday – Friday). While permission is not required from the IBEW, there is a Notification Form that MUST be sent to the IBEW prior to the commencement of work. See ECA Ottawa for a copy of the form.
  • Shift premium in Clause 808 moves to 25% (from 20%).
  • Breaks in Clause 803 will increase to 15 minutes rather than 10 minutes. A 3rd break will be added prior to overtime work.
  • Rule 14, the 50/50 hiring rule will be suspended for 3 years meaning you don’t have to hire 1 to 1 from the hiring hall when using stabilization funding.
Click the following link to download your copy of the  2019-2022 Principal Agreement to your laptop, tablet or phone
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