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OESC 2018 Training

Ontario Electrical Safety Code (27th Edition)  

We will add your name to our waiting list and let you know when the next available date is.

ECA Ottawa will be offering training courses to provide the electrical industry with an overview of new and amended requirements of the OESC (27th Edition) which comes into effect May 2019. This is the Level 1 course.

General – Level 1

Covers highest impact rule changes in the OESC including:

  • Requirements for bonding and grounding in Section 10 have been reorganized and reduced in size with changes that will improve safety and simplify installations
  • Expanded use of Tamper-resistant receptacles in educational facilities and hotels/motels
  • Requirements for installing an identified (neutral) conductor at each control (switch) location of permanently installed luminaire
  • Providing adequate working space for electrical workers to undertake necessary repairs, maintenance and installation of transformers greater than 50kVA
  • Prohibiting the installation of cables in concealed locations in corrugated roof decking


Courses are limited to 20 people’ therefore registration will be on a first come, first served basis with a MAXIMUM 3 office staff per company for now. We will be running multiple courses so if you did not make it in this first course, please email our office so that we can reserve your space on priority basis for the next course. Please email

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